Monday, March 30, 2009

Budgeting Is The Secret To Saving

Saving on a regular basis may seem like a mammoth undertaking and one that you could only achieve after a hefty pay rise. In fact, this is one of the common excuses that we all use to avoid building a nest-egg, but putting a little money aside each month should not be seen as a pursuit only for those with money to burn.

In fact, saving can be a straight-forward process that is achievable by anybody, regardless of their monthly income and financial outgoings. All that is needed is careful planning.

It can be easy to become accustomed to a certain way of life and assume that to spend any less money would mean having to make major sacrifices, hence making life less enjoyable. But through carefully monitoring exactly how much is spent each month – from the little things such as your lunch and travel budget, to the bigger things such as the mortgage and bills – it is then possible to start making some fundamental changes that can free-up a regular contribution to your savings balance, without having a significant impact on your daily life.

In the first instance, make a note of everything you spend – big and small - each day for a whole month. The first thing you’ll notice is how all the little things actually add up to quite a lot over the course of a month.

For example, it’s estimated that the average worker will spend around £5 a day buying their lunch. And even taking into account weekends and holidays, that’s an excessive amount of money every year on unnecessary lunchtime treats. By bringing in homemade lunches everyday it’s possible to make considerable savings for a modest effort.

Transport is another issue to consider. Whilst many people simply wouldn’t consider losing their car completely, it’s certainly worth thinking about using it a whole lot less. The car may be useful for the monthly shop, but for shorter trips it could be better to walk or take the bus instead.

But of course, it can be difficult to imagine all these potential savings every month without seeing an actual final figure. If you don’t have the time to tot up your savings yourself, you can also take a look at a simple budget calculator tool which is available to anyone with internet access. This breaks down all your potential monthly outgoings into categories, and makes all the necessary calculations to show you how much you stand to gain from taking control of your daily finances.

Remember, saving doesn’t require drastic lifestyle changes. By carefully monitoring how much is being spent on what, you can identify savings that can be made without a massive impact on your personal life. And by watching the pennies, the pounds will eventually take care of themselves.

Victoria Cochrane

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Payday Loans- A Blessing In Disguise

The need for urgent money can get in the way of anyone. Specially in today's high cost of living, there are many things related to rental, fuel, bill payment, and other miscellaneous sectors that demand immediate cash. But by the month's end, many of us are left with little to no money and seek a short term loan to meet the needs.

Payday loan is a kind of short term loan that provides instant cash when you have no money, and your salary/income is still due. The loan process is simple- you go to the bank, write a check, and the bank would hold it till your next payday. You then ought to make the full payment to the loan lender on your next payday. Payday loan lenders set different usury limits on the principal loan amount, typically in the range of 15 to 30 percent. However, some countries have set maximum usury limits and lenders can not charge more than that.

How is it helpful?

This short term loan comes with its share of benefits. The financial emergency can hammer its identity when we are low on cash. This leaves us with the option of either borrowing money from friends or relatives, or get a payday loan from a loan lender. While friends and family are always the best bet to get you across the financial trouble, asking them money for a car repair, paying medical bills, or buying a dress for a party may sometimes get embarrassing. Payday loan companies however lend you money on the understanding that the applicant's need for money is just short-term and he would repay the money as and when he gets his pay. You can get the money for as less as 2 or 3 days and maximum for 30 days.

Disadvantages of Payday Loans

While payday loans fill your pocket with instant cash, many people see it as a blessing in disguise. They suggest using credit cards or debit over-draft instead. The interest/ commission on the payday loan, along with the principal payable amount make the borrower's next salary a meager and he has to renew the loan. It becomes the vicious circle of loan on loan, and the interest amount gets more than the principal amount.

Borrowing a payday loan means that you are almost finished with cash during the last days of the month. This also reflects bad money management. It means that you did not save enough money for unprecedented events. Howsoever good or bad the payday loans are, they should be considered as the last option while asking for money. Plan your money in a way that you can manage without borrowing. And if at all you borrow, you are able to repay the full amount on time.

Saurabh Kanwar

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where'S Your Money Going?

Have you ever wondered where your money goes? Does it seem to disappear into a black hole and even though you know you haven't spent much, it's just vanished?

Well, here's a thought - go and have a look in your cupboards. Yes, that's right - your cupboards - all of them. You'll probably discover that whilst your wallet is empty - your cupboards are full.

Let's dissect a couple of the obvious money-eating cupboards.

The bathroom cabinet/s: How many tubes of toothpaste are in there? How many bottles of shampoo? And how many of those bottles are still half full? How many razors, bars of soap, deodorants or jars of hair products can you see? Of course - the really big one - how many rolls of toilet paper are there?

I know many people who have a ‘toilet-paper-fetish'. One girl has a whole shelf in her linen cupboard to store the rolls that can't fit into her laundry cupboard. Another family has 105 rolls. Now considering they only use 4 rolls per week, that's a 26 week supply, which is six months! But they still keep buying it because "it was on special". Let me assure you - there is a ‘special price' on toilet paper every week. If you don't absolutely need to buy it, then you are not saving anything. In fact - you are wasting money!

Let's move on... your pantry. How many bottles of sauce are in there? How many tins of fish, fruit, or beans can you find? Can you count the packets of biscuits, cake mix, cereal, jellies and pasta? When was the last time you saw the back of the shelves? Put your hand on something from the back of the cupboard and check the use by date. Is it still current?

How many cupboards are in your house? How much empty space is in those cupboards? It's quite ok to have empty shelves! The world economy might be looking gloomy - but the supermarkets are not going to close down overnight. It is not necessary to have a mini-supermarket in your house unless there is a sign out the front that says "welcome to the XXXX Family supermarket".

If your cupboards are in need of an over-haul, and you don't know where to start - give us a call. We're only too happy to visit and help.

Budget Bitch

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Icici Bank Credit Cards : Excellent Offers With Feasible Terms And Conditions

The main advantage of carrying a card lies in the fact that, it is easy to carry and is also safe. What is most notable here is that these cards come preloaded with certain line of credits that is provided by the issuer. Anyone who uses it, is also liable to pay back the amount spent to their respective banks along with interest, within a stipulated period of time. Sometimes it also comes with various offers like frequent flyer points, gift certificates as well as cash back offers.

Coming to the market point of view, a number of banks have come up with such alternative payment schemes. For instance, the ICICI Bank credit cards and the Deutsche Bank credit cards have got a considerable response from people because of their multiple offers and easy accessibility. As for the offers, it has a long list of lucrative offers ranging from global emergency assistance services, lifetime free cards, travel discounts etc. Other than this, it also provides special offers like monthly EMI payments, insurance plans like family plus that is flexible enough to support all the members of your family. Sometimes it also comes up with exclusive discount offers on branded products. For instance, it provides 50% discount on Reebok shoes.

Infact, ICICI Bank credit cards have extensive offers on almost every field starting from sports to jeweleries and food plazas to PVRs.. One of the famous offer that has created headlines for its long list of lucrative terms and conditions is the Titanium Golf offer. Under this offer, anyone having an ICICI card can be assisted by only one guest every time. What is most appreciating is the fact that, there are no limits to the number of days any card holder wants to play. Neither does it require any advanced payments or cancellation fees. This card is easily available and can be booked just two days in advance. Other than this, it also has various other value added services like bill pay service, health insurance services, merchant services etc.

Unlike the ICICI Bank credit cards, various other banks have also come up with such options with distinctive offers and features. In this context, the Deutsche Bank credit cards, have come up with excellent offers that have created waves in the market. The most impressive fact about this card is that, it provides easy loan options. The subscriber can now take a loan or convert it into EMI's. It consists of db EMI's also that helps the subscriber to make big purchases and also helps him/her to pay it back in small flexible EMI's. Other than this, what is more stunning is the fact that it does not require any documentation. The tenure of the card can be changed as and when required and it also has the option of pre-closure that can be done any time. What is more impressive is, that, no-a-days even carrying a card is not always necessary. You can even opt for online credit card options. The main advantage of online banking is that, it can be accessed anywhere. All you need to do is log on to any of the Internet banking websites and fill up a form to register for online credit cards.

Addi Vardhaman

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Personal Financial Stimulus Package

According to the U.S. Commerce Department on Wednesday, the personal savings rate surged to 5% in January. As consumers frantically try to save their money as the economic outlook continues to look bleak throughout much of the country, they could be making up to 6% APR on their checking account. A "personal financial stimulus package" starts with the basics—your banking relationship. Community banks are still offering the best interest rates on free checking accounts:
First Robinson Savings Bank - Robinson, IL 6.01
Southern Missouri Bank & Trust 6.01
Bank of Ripley - Ripley, TN 5.26
Communication Federal Credit Union - OK 5.25
LA DOTD Federal Credit Union - Denham Spring, LA 5.25
Keystone Bank - Auburn, AL 5.15
Connexus Credit Union - Wausau, WI 5.15
Altra Federal Credit Union 5.05
Farmers and Merchants - Nashville, IL 5.05
Community State Bank - Poteau, OK 5.05
First State Bank - Kansas City, KS 5.03
State Employees Credit Union - Santa Fe, NM 5.02
Grand Bank of Texas - Grand Prairie, TX 5.02
Harbor Credit Union - Green Bay, WI 5.01
Malvern Federal Savings Bank - Paoli, PA 5.01
Union State Bank - Everest, KS 5.01
United National Bank - Cairo, GA 5.01
First Banking Center - Lake Geneva, WI 5.01
Noble Bank & Trust - Anniston, AL 5.01
The Community Bank - Brockton, MA 5.01
Bank of Little Rock - Little Rock, AR 5.01
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill - Pleasant Hill, MO 5.01
Community Bank of Raymore - Raymore, MO 5.01
Olmsted National Bank - Rochester, MN 5.01
Royal Banks of Missouri - St. Louis, MO 4.78
Texas Citizens Bank - Pasadena, TX 4.76

In over 4000 community financial institution branches across the country, consumers are receiving from 3% to 6% interest rates on free checking with no minimum balance and reimbursed ATM fees. And these are NOT teaser rates.

With a history of delivering value and customer-centric service, selected community banks and credit unions are offering free checking accounts with CD-like yields. The bank or credit union realizes operational savings when account holders accept eStatements, utilize direct deposit, access online banking, and increase their debit card usage and returns it to the consumer in the form of higher yields. To help consumers find community banks and credit unions with high-yield checking accounts, was created.

Erik Keith

Friday, March 20, 2009

Government Grant Scams: The Real Deal Behind Free Money Offers

In times of economic insecurity, seeing an advertisement for free government grant money can seem like a blessing from heaven. We all know how huge the U.S. government is and there's lots of money flowing through its coffers. While it's true that the government gives away an estimated $240 billion each year in grants, how easy is it for the average person to claim some of this money for themselves?

Well, let's go through a typical scenario at a website that claims to help show you how to get government grants. You read at this site that the U.S. government is constantly awarding grant money to average citizens. You get your hopes up because you are in need of some money to either: get out of debt, go back to school, start up a business or take care of some pressing needs at home.

This site claims that they have a list of hundreds of grants that you can apply for and all you need to do is obtain this list. Okay, so you spend a few bucks getting this list and indeed discover that it's a list of agencies who award grant money.

Unfortunately, this list tells you almost nothing about the requirements needed to fill out an application. The dirty little secret that those list hawkers forget to tell you is that all of these agencies have specific things they look for in applications for grant money.

In order to qualify for real government grants, you need to meet their standards. The average person is simply not going to qualify for these grants. Even if you manage to put in an application stating your specific needs for this money, you are likely to be rejected.


Because government grants are mainly awarded to non-profit, educational and public organizations. It's very rare for an individual to be awarded a grant. Because you didn't know this fact, that website was able to mislead you and get your money.

So, does this mean that it's hopeless for you to ever qualify for free government grant money?

No. It means that if you wish to have a chance at this funding, you're going to have to create your own non-profit organization and come up with a proposal that offers something positive to your local community. You can include yourself as a staff member or consultant who will get a salary based on your active participation in your proposed project.

This is the most common way that average citizens compete for and are awarded government grant money. It's not easy and it will take a lot of initiative on your part, but it is doable. Many people are able to come up with small and medium-sized projects that contribute something positive to their local communities.

If you feel this is an opportunity you want to continue pursuing, then there are legitimate tools and resources online that can help you claim government grant money for yourself or your business.

Nikki LeRoi

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How To Create A Stock Portfolio

A portfolio is a group of financial assets such as stocks and bonds, held by an investor. In today's financial marketplace, investors need to create well-structured portfolios that suit to their investment goals and strategies. There are investors who are risk-takers and investors who are risk-averse. Constructing a portfolio that reflects the investor's risk profile and tolerance is a key factor for effective investment decision making.

Clarifying current situation and future needs for capital, along with risk tolerance determines the asset allocation among different asset classes. Optimal asset allocation is an effective method of diversification. Investors should diversify between different classes of assets but also, within each class. This allows them to incur long-term investment growth, while their assets are protected from the risks of large declines and structural changes in the economy over time.

Another important factor to be considered when constructing a portfolio is the stock volatility. Typically, market fluctuations are subject to interest rates changes, inflation, political turbulence, corporate news etc. Investors should keep an eye both on current developments and broader socio-economic environment and on historical data as these reflect a stock's past performance and assist to a fairly accurate assessment of future performance.

Financial ratios are also important when constructing a portfolio. Price/earnings (P/E), Book value (BV), return on equity (ROE) and total return indicators are highly important tools to assess liquidity, profitability, leverage, capital structure, and interest coverage. Although ratios reflect historical data and past performance, they can also predict future potential and provide lead indications of potential trouble areas.

Optimal portfolios provide the highest possible return for any specified degree of risk. To that end, they need to be revaluated on a regular basis in order to reflect new market realities. Investments should e regularly analyzed and investors should perform reallocation of their portfolio if required.

Finally, investing at regular intervals is a good method to build wealth. Both, risk-takers and risk-adverse investors can smooth out market fluctuations, through dollar-cost averaging that is investing a fixed amount on a regular schedule. This fixed amount automatically buys more shares when prices are low. Consequently, the average purchase price of the stock is lower than the average of the market prices over the same length of time. Although, dollar-cost averaging does not automatically produce a profit, still by investing on a regular schedule virtually guarantees to do better in a generally rising market than investors who try to time market highs and lows.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Us Stocks Offer Great Opportunity These Days

"Does the future look as black as they paint it?" I ask myself when I see some stock market analysts recommend getting out of US shares and investing in foreign companies. Today March 15th, 2009, the prevalent opinion is a mixture of distrust and hesitation.

I have a different view and I am acting on it in my own investments. If I am right, the present days might be remembered as the best period in modern History to invest in US shares. If I am wrong, I am risking my own money and I will take the consequences.

In investments, like in most things in life, it all boils down to using the right methodology. How can we determine what is true? What facts are relevant? Which predictions make sense? Can we figure out the future by applying principles extracted from experience?

Investment analysts who take stand against US stocks are basing their forecast on a likely loss of value of the US dollar. They say that they are expecting high inflation in the US within the next two years. To which extent is their anticipation in line with facts?

Forecasting a US dollar decline agrees with fundamental economic theory. "The high levels of US debt are unsustainable in the long term," argue those who predict a drastic loss of value of the US dollar. Indeed, it is logical to assume that printing dollars to pay off US debt would result in diminished purchasing power for each banknote, but is this really true?

There is valid logic in this analysis, but we should also ask ourselves if the premises are complete. Yes, it seems likely that dollars will have to be printed to pay off US debt, but on the other hand, global demand for US bank notes is increasing. How come?

The answer lies in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, where millions of individuals have adopted the US dollar as everyday currency in their transactions. Daily utilization of US banknotes for business and private needs is no longer privy to North American citizens.

Why are millions of people all over the world using US dollars in their sales and purchases? Because in their eyes, the American currency stands for political stability, an overall reliable legal system, protection of intellectual property, entrepreneurial companies, hard-working executives and employees, and rapid innovation. This perception, I submit, is not going to change in the near future.

Printing additional dollars may well lead to inflation, possibly between 5% and 15%, but is it reasonable to expect a collapse of the US currency? To which extent should one act according to that expectation? When it rains heavily, rivers do carry additional water, but do they raise the sea level?

For my own investments, I am assuming that some inflation will take place, but frankly, I don't see that as the end of the world. A weaker dollar will increase US manufacturing exports and boost the impact of overseas profits for US multinationals. Both aspects would play in favour of a rising US stock market.

Should we not rather conclude that many US stocks are cheap at this moment? Personally, I am planning to invest all I can afford. These are three companies that I am considering as possible purchases for my own portfolio.

  • Century Tel (NYSE:CTL), a telephone carrier with a current yield of about 11%.
  • Bristol Myers (NYSE:BMY), a major pharmaceutical company with a yield of about 5%
  • Magellan Midstream Partners (NYSE:MMP), an oil pipeline operator with a current yield of about 9%

John Vespasian

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secured Loans - Use Them to Get Your Credit Back On Track

If you think your credit is beyond help, think again. Secured loans may very well be the answer to your credit problems. Consider how secured loans work and what it could mean for you as you reestablish your credit.

There are two basic kinds of loans - secured loans and unsecured loans. Most large loans are secured. Banks and lending institutions want to be sure their financial investment is protected. The best way to be sure that you'll repay the amount of the loan is to have the assurance that you're going to lose something if you don't - your house or car, for instance.

Unless you have awesome credit, you're probably going to have trouble getting an unsecured loan. But taking some steps toward a secured loan may very well entice lenders to grant you a loan, even if your credit history is less than perfect.

If your purpose is to reestablish credit, talk to your bank or lender about ways you can secure a small loan. You may be able to take out a small or moderate loan while leaving enough cash on deposit to cover the loan. Seem like a waste of time? It will give the bank the security they need to justify offering you the loan while giving you a chance to show your commitment to making payments on time. If you choose this route, remember that your role is to make payments on time, every time. If you keep your part of the deal, you'll have less trouble getting your next loan without going to those extremes to secure it.

Credit cards are nothing more than small loans that are paid off in monthly installments. Usually, credit card companies offer up credit cards and the card holder flashes the card to get instant credit. Secured credit cards are a good way to start getting your credit back on track.

This nothing more than a secured loan, only the security is cash. You deposit some amount of money with the card company. Then you can use that credit card, but only to that amount. You still make monthly payments and once you establish that you'll make payments on time, you have the option of renegotiating the terms.

Jeff Lakie

Jeff Lakie is the founder of Secured Loan Resources a website providing information on Secured Loans

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Look at the Bad Credit Secured Loan

Bad credit records used to be an obstruction to obtaining loans. But these days many lenders have embraced adaptable lending policies and centre on offering up bad credit secured loans for folks with defective credit histories.

The application procedure for a bad credit secured loan is somewhat akin to different sorts of debt. Even though this sort of secured loan underscores your home or different material assets as collateral, it for sure doesn't overlook your poor credit rating.

There are a few lenders who will offer up a poor credit secured loan irrespective of your credit record and present-day financial circumstance. Albeit, the rates of interest on the bad credit secured loan will be greater, when likened to loans provided to folks with good credit. You might be able to pull off best rates on the poor credit secured loan from your lender, if you secure it against your house. Just be sure that you will be able to pay back on time. Because whenever you default on a loan secured against your material possession, typically your house, it could have calamitous results and you might have to give up your house.

Bad credit secured loans accept your property or any other material assets that you possess as a surety. In layperson terms, it means you pledge your property to the lender. The lender will give you the loan but will possess your assets till the debt is paid back. If at all you neglect to ante up, the lender will take your house and is lawfully empowered to trade your assets and recoup his loan amount.

The advantages

Taking this sort of loan allows you the chance to better your credit ranking. It can appreciably better your credit and wipe out the flaw of bad credit from your file. Poor credit secured loans if used the right way, may assist you in starting afresh with your finances. The repayment tenure of a bad credit personal loan normally ranges from 5 years to 25 years.

The disadvantages

Numerous loan companies deal solely with folks who have a defective credit ranking. Loaning to such folks can constitute a really lucrative business. Since it's extremely dicey for the lenders, as they're dealing with people who are known defaulters, this provides them the leverage to charge greater rates of interest.

There are a few disgraceful loan companies that provide appealing bad credit secured loans, but possess exploitative terms in their small print. Therefore whenever you're dealing with a company which only deals in offering bad credit secured loans, you had better be very suspicious and sign with them only after obtaining convincing references concerning them.

Discover a lot more about obtaining a loan if you have bad credit at bad credit loans

James Hunaban

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Secured Loans Online - Source of Fast and Convenient Money With Collateral

Sometimes people face uncertainties in life due to lack of money. US residents can now avail secured online loans which not only offer quick money to fulfill one's needs without much botheration but also bolster one's confidence to face the uncertainties in life. A borrower can avail this loan for consolidating debts or meeting wedding or medical expenses, business purposes, home improvements, purchasing a new car or house, etc. There is no restriction imposed on the usage of the loan amount.

This secured long term loan and is available against collateral. A borrower can put security in the form of any valuable property such as home, car, important documents, jeweler, real estate, etc. The security against the loan turns out to be very useful as it assures the lender about the repayment and in turn the borrower is offered a good sum of money which can range between $3,000 and $75,000. One can borrow up to 125% of the value of collateral offered. The repayment tenure is around 3 - 25 years. The interest rate charged with this loan depends on the loan amount and the repayment ability of the borrower.

There are numerous advantages of secured online loans. There are many websites which a borrower can surf along for getting his/her kind of loan package. One can find the best deal just by clicking few buttons on the computer without having to go to lender's offices for quotes which are available free of cost. The loan procedure is fast, simple and convenient as less paperwork and documentation is required. As it is a secured loan, even bad credit borrowers can apply for it as no credit check is required. No upfront fee is necessary which makes the loan more acceptable to the common people. Last but not the least, the borrower's personal and professional details remain confidential with the lender.

Andrew Devan

Andrew Devan is a creative writer and gives advice timely in many finance related issues. To know more about Online secured personal loans, Unsecured loans that best suits your needs visit

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bring Dreams to Reality With Secured Loans

With the changing trends and evolving life, loans have become an indispensable part for survival today. The standard of living is increasing everyday and so id the prices of goods which have become basic necessity. In such a scenario comes the importance of loans mainly to aid middle and lower income groups.

Today loans are available for almost everything, right from property to car; from refrigerator to even laptops. These loans life somewhat easy but the truth is that one is supposed to pay the EMIs too, i.e., the interest rate. Surely with interests we end up paying quite a high price for our goods. In such circumstances, secured loans can be termed as a better and less risky option.

What is a Secured Loan?

Secured loans are basically loans where the borrower promises an asset coinciding with the loan, such as a property or a business. Now against this asset the loan becomes secured. If the borrower fails to repay, the asset kept against loan becomes creditors.

Kinds of Secured Loan

  • A Mortgage
  • Home Equity
  • Second Mortgage
  • Debt Consolidation

If the borrower could not pay back the due on the property, the creditor may take over it and even a court verdict may not be required. Such a process is called repossession.

Information on Secured Loan

As far as the secured loans UK is concerned, getting information is not a difficult task because of the availability of numerous online stores. Deciding upon the kind of loan depends upon the rate of interest one can pay. Even one with not so good history of credit is eligible for taking secured loans.

One can get all the information about the secured loan UK because there are many online stores present for the information about the UK loans. If you want to go for the loans then one should decide the type of loan after comparing the different types of loans with the particular interest rates. It is not necessary that every one keep a good credit history, so it doesn't mean that the people with bad credit are not eligible to go for the secured loans.

Sarah Conner

Sarah Conner is Financial Consultant for Chums Finance UK, Please visit the best option for Online Loans, Best APR Loans.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Secured Loan Guide

People turn to the loan companies for numerous reasons. The need for some cash can arise at any point. This need provides a good opportunity to the loan companies. You can obtain a variety of loans depending on your needs.

The type of loan being discussed here is the secured loan. This is a loan that needs some kind of collateral as insurance to the lender, in the event that you cannot meet the repayments. The variant called the home equity Loan is secured on property and is solely for home owners and mortgage payers.

The number one advantage of a secured home loan is the interest rate, which is normally less than an unsecured loan. If you own your own home then it is probable that you will qualify for a secured loan. This type of loan has long been a very popular way of borrowing for home owners everywhere. While there are so many secured and unsecured loans on offer it can invariably be quite difficult to select the loan that is ideally suited to you and your circumstances.

Secured loans are now very popular owing to their flexibility. If you have a bad credit rating, a good use of this type of borrowing is that by consolidating your bad credit into a lower rate secured loan, you can help to repair your credit rating. This great tool called the internet is a great place to start your research into obtaining the correct secured loan for your needs.

You can also obtain a secured business loan to finance any of your business needs. One of these types of loans can be used to buy materials, purchase land, pay wages, building, or machine plant, etc. A business loan can be secured against your home as well as any commercial type of property. At the end of the day please make sure you shop around, as there are some good deals to be found.

James Hunaban

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Secured Loans - What to Consider

Homeowners are a step ahead in acquiring loans, because they can qualify for both unsecured and secured loans. If you're looking for a larger amount of money and you own a house or property, then a secured loan might be your best choice. You can use the money for repairing your house, a new car, consolidating your debts or unexpected expenses like medical or a wedding. There are many considerations when going into a secured loan. Here are the basics:

The amount you want to borrow, how long you want your repayment period to last (it's usually between 3-25 years), your credit history and the value of your home will all be part of how much the lender will be willing to give you. The purpose of the money can also be a factor.

Thanks to a very competitive market, the interest rates are falling steadily. But beware the quote of a 'typical' APR, because only roughly 66% of borrowers fall into that category. The others could have a higher or lower amount. It depends on how the creditor evaluates your risk base.

Though the interest rates are lower than an unsecured loan, there are a few possible negatives for a secured loan, the most important of which is falling behind on your payments and getting your property repossessed. The reason the lender can charge such little interest is because of the guarantee if you can't make the monthly payments.

You can get payment protection insurance, for an extra monthly fee, to help shield you from repossession. If you decide on insurance be sure to fully research all of your options before buying. Costs and coverage vary from company to company.

Do a budget before shopping around for a secured loan, to see what you can and can't afford. You can get a lot of free quotes either from a bank or from an on-line lender, but you need to read everything in the offers. There could be fees or terms that will cost you much more by the time you pay the loan off.

Sarah Conner

Sarah Conner is Financial Consultant for Chums Finance UK, Please visit the best option for Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Signing Up For a Secured Loan

There are many reasons for taking out a secured loan: reconstruction on your house, a large purchase, unexpected bills (hospital, funeral and wedding) or even just treating yourself to a well-earned holiday. While unsecured loans don't need you to be a homeowner, secured do- because it's usually a longer repayment time and a much larger amount of money than you can get with an unsecured. If you're thinking about getting a secured loan (also known as a 'personal' loan), there are several points to be aware of.

You'll need to know your credit history, or credit score, before you go in. You've a greater chance at getting approved for the amount you want if your history is good. Even if you have a bad credit history, though, you can still qualify- because you own property. Lenders are taking less risk with you because if you don't keep up with your repayments, they can take your property in payment.

Budget how much you can pay monthly, including debts, earnings, spending and how much interest you can afford. The marketplace is pretty competitive right now, which means even lower interest rates than before. You could wind up paying more or less than the 'typical' APR (which is 66% on average) because of your credit history, how much you want to borrow and what time-frame you're looking at paying the loan back. Secured loans can be from 3 to 25-year terms.

When you start getting quotes, you'll need to look at all of the details in the small print. You can be charged extra for paying the loan off too early, or have fees for services that are added into the total loan. You should also consider taking out payment protection insurance, which will protect you in case you lose your job or have problems with your monthly payments. These agreements need to be looked at carefully, also, for exclusions or exceptions. And the amount will have to be included in your monthly expenses.

Sarah Conner

Sarah Conner is Financial Consultant for Chums Finance UK, Please visit the best option for Secured Loans Online and Homeowner Loans.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Secured Loans - Managing Your Debts at Ease

In the light of recent technological development which has been taking place in the domains of Internet, computer and many more sectors, actually helped to change the scenario of the economy at ease. Due to the sudden gush of development in computers and software, everything seem to become computerised and digitalised. Consequently, numerous websites have come into play, which provide every detail about their pertinent products and services at a great length. Moving forward, a huge spate of financial associations and various credit unions have developed their existence on the virtual world of computer. They have developed their own online portals, which provide profound information about innumerable kinds of loans such as secured loans and unsecured loans. You can easily apply for these loans from various online portals within few matters of minutes. Furthermore, you can compare all the different loans and various associated discounts and concession from different brands. Hence, the aspect of Internet browsing would provide you the ability to get one of the best category of such loans. On the other hand, it is not possible to walk all around the market to find out the most lucrative option of loan for you, which would provide you with some additional advantages also. The secured loans, in simple term, can be defined as loans, which come backed by certain complications with reference to the valuable properties which the borrowers have to pledge for the sake of security on the borrowed amounts.

At times, you might have some brilliant ideas, plans but due to financial restraints, you can not execute those plans, which might have fetched you some whopping amount of money. Gone are those days, when our access to lucrative loans were very scanty. But now situations have changed, you can easily resort to various loans, which can enhance your existing life style. Secured loans have been very helpful for a large number of people, who have resorted to such loans at various stages of their lives. These loans have proved to be very helpful and efficient for businessmen, who, in order to remain competitive, opt such loans. Thus, you can easily expand your business operation by resorting to these loans such as purchasing the new land , machinery and various others things.

In the present time, these loans have become quite famous, they are offering their helping hands to the needy people to overcome their poor financial position in various ways. You can also opt such secured loans for multiple purposes such as buying home accessories, new home, automobiles and many more. In an era of cut-throat competition, adequate liquidity is considered a must thing to survive in such situation of market. As a matter of fact, it is well known to us that finance is the blood for every kind of business. It is not possible to maintain proper flow of liquidity all the time, hence one has to resort to some of favourite means of funds. Many of the business magnates have already resourced to such loans in the past. This option has fetched them tremendous results for their business. Hence, the extent of your thinking has to be maintained with the adequate amount of funds if requirements crop up.

Amenda Dorothy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Secured Loans - Convenient Financial Assistance Against Collateral

Speaking of loans, the picture that comes to our mind is that you have to run here and there in search of a proper banker who will offer you lower rates. You also research on how much loan you can get on the asset you place as collateral. You then think of all the time and energy you spend in preparing, attesting, and depositing the documents required. Why take so much trouble when you can get secured loans easily at the click of mouse? You can land up on the website of an online money lender and fill in a FREE application form to ask the loan.

When you are opting for loans with the online money lender, you can also do some checks as to which lender is offering you better deals. You can select them and browse through the schemes offered by each. Once you finalize on a scheme you can fill in the form for loan. The best part when you apply online is that they do not care about your credit score while approving your loan application.

The interest on secured loans is lower than that of on unsecured loans. The interest rate can range between 5 to 10 per cent. You can also select from a range of repayment tenures. For loans that are secured, lenders also offer longer repayment tenures.

The process of availing the secured loans with the online money lenders is easy and fast. Once you fill in the details in the application form, you may be asked to send in the documents related to your asset as well. Once you fax them, it hardly takes any time to assess the value of the asset. Once the asset is valuated, you are informed about the amount you can get as loan against the loan. This does not take more than 36 hours. The best part is that you can get a loan which is equivalent to the market value of your asset.

William Ender

William Ender is an MBA in Finance and has a rich experience of writing on topics related to finance. He is offering loan advice about Quick secured loans, Cheap secured loans, Poor credit secured loans, Bad credit secured loans, Secured loans for homeowners, Fast secured loans visit at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Student Loan Consolidation Center

It is not always easy to pay thousands of dollars every year for college tuition fees, on top of the expenses for books, housing and transportation. Due to the large amount colleges charge for tuition and other fees, students often end up in debt even before they have started a career. As a result, many college students opt for government educational loans to take care of the college fees at a reasonable interest rate.

Student loan debt consolidation allows the students to reduce the amount of their monthly installments to repay their student loans. Refinancing your student loans will allow you to avail of lower interest rates and avoid the hassles of paying several monthly installments.

The rates offered for a student consolidation loan vary depending on your individual credit history and the way you are dealing with your current creditors. The eligibility criterion and the requirements for applying for a student debt consolidation loan may again vary from one lender to another.

There are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind while applying for a student debt consolidation loan. It is important to ensure that the interest rate of your loan does not exceed the consolidated rate of your current loans.

If you are thinking of student loan consolidation, you will have a number of options to choose from. However, all student consolidation centers would have some basic options that can help you reduce your total debt and monthly expenditure.

All student loan consolidation centers will offer minimum interest rates, currently 1.625 percent fixed interest for the loan period. The 'Department of Education' is offering a rate 3.37 percent at present.

A student may get an additional discount rate of 0.25 percent at all student loan consolidation centers if they opt for auto debit.

Most student loan consolidation centers will offer flexible payment options. Which can give students extra relief on top of having their monthly installments reduced up to 50 to 60 percent.

Some private centers are associated with specific lending agencies, and will tend to promote their own brand of consolidation loans. In such cases, students may not be given the opportunity to study several loan offers and negotiate to pick a loan according to their preference. To help the students, these loan consolidation centers build up cost-effective debt consolidation programs at low prices. They have representatives who exercise their rapport and expertise while negotiating the creditors to find lower interest rates or specific terms that best suit the student's needs. Specific discount rates are also offered by these centers. Debt consolidation centers also offer personalized counseling service to help the students understand their own needs and guide them to make the right choice. Many of these centers are located near the college campus making it easily accessible for the students.

While non-profit debt consolidation centers do not take fees from their clients for setting up loan consolidation programs, these centers do, at times, accept multiple checks from their clients and send out single consolidated payments.

While comparing and choosing the best lender or the student loan consolidation center to use you should consider those who offer flexible application procedures such as online application including online account management facilities. The quality of the customer service is also very important while choosing a student loan debt consolidation center. While applying for a student loan consolidation, you need to ensure that you have the name and address of the consolidation center, current rates of interest and current loan balances.

Gibran Selman

Gibran Selman works for CuraDebt, a company providing financial and creditor negotiations, settlement, and arbitration services on behalf of individuals and small businesses.

To get a FREE Debt Analysis Online in Only 30 Seconds, simply go to our website at and fill out our simple application to see if you qualify and to receive a FREE, confidential consultation from an understanding counselor.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Credit Secured Loans

Poor credit Secured loans caters to persons having bad credit history, or poor credit score, defaulters and arrears, people with CCJs, bankrupt etc. Some people prefer to go for banks and financial institutions for getting a poor credit secured loan unaware of the fact that these institutions just avoid the term bad credit while lending money. Applying online for poor credit secured loans can save you time in the application process and a lot of trouble as well. Poor credit secured loans can be used for various purposes.

Loans Available

Many lenders specialise in offering poor credit personal loans to people in the UK, these types of lenders are usually called sub prime lenders and most of them do have bad press because of the interest they charge. However you must bear in mind that without these lenders, people with bad credit wouldn't be able to get a loan. Gone are the days, when only good credit people were eligible for taking loans.

Loans of up to 125% of the property value are also available. And you can typically pay back a bad credit secured loan in 5 to 25 years, although some lenders are now offering a 30 year repayment term. And you can typically borrow from £5,000 to £250,000.

A tenant bad credit loan one can borrow £1000 to £25000.

Credit Rating

If you make a sudden large amount of applications for a poor credit personal loan, then there is a good chance your credit rating will be further damaged, so it may well pay to hire an independent financial loan adviser so that they can recommend a company for your loan and then you only need to make a single applications so your credit rating will not further deteriorate. The credit agencies then use this information to assign you a credit rating which is used by lenders to assess your suitability for a loan. Loans are subject to criteria and a credit search specified by the loan provider.

Consolidation Loans

Consolidation personal loan is a personal loan where you borrow an amount of money in order to pay off all your existing debts leaving you with just one monthly payment. For this reason, many individuals with several balances due on bank cards are discovering that it is financially prudent for them to investigate consolidation loans secured by a home or other collateral. Don't be fooled by debt consolidation loans especially if you already have a bad credit rating. It may be more prudent to find 0% Credit Cards and transfer balances from other cards there to cut down on interest payments.


Poor credit secured loans can be used for various purposes. Some people prefer to go for banks and financial institutions for getting a poor credit secured loans unaware of the fact that these institutions just avoid the term bad credit while lending money. You will come across numerous lenders offering poor credit secured loans. A poor credit secured loan is a wise choice for one who wishes to improve their credit rating and who needs to borrow money for a variety of different reasons. All poor credit secured loan quotations are provided under no obligation.

Paul Hockney

Paul Hockney is an online loan expert who provides bad credit secured loan tips and advice.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Aspects A Student Loan Consolidation Center Should Bear?

In practical life, to lessen his worries, to subdue his difficulties and to increase his time for other engagements, a persons tries to find some way of getting rid of the worries he has to make in remembering so many due dates sum calculations of the loans he has been taking in his study years, and some loan consolidation program is proved mostly the best way.

In his current social and psychological situations, joining this consolidation loan program a person, instead of paying so many loans to so many managements, pays only one loan to one management. No doubt he is charged with some extra amount of money, he no more has to remember so many due dates and sum calculations. The saving of time and energy is the greatest benefit one gets out of these programs. The other advantage however is the chance to change the time limit and rate of interest a person has decided in previous years. He may not have completed his studies for some reason or other, and have not proved successful in finding some good paying job.

In the current situation it may have become difficult for him to pay the interest he had agreed upon in past. To meet this situation the consolidation of loans is the best solution. Through these programs he may decide the new rates of interest and payment schedule.
However, the center or management one chooses to consolidate his loans should bear the following facts and figures.

  1. It should offer a minimal rate of interest. The present fixed interest on a federal loan is 1.625 %. However, the Department of Education is offering the rate of 3.37 %.
  2. A loan consolidation center should enable some student cut 60% of his monthly repayment.
  3. A consolidation center should allow one get 0.25% discount in the usage of auto debit.
  4. A consolidation center should have a flexible repayment options.

Before signing a document a person should keep in mind that the center and the terms and conditions he is signing is going to affect his life deeply. The utmost consideration therefore should be made. Once the agreement is signed there shall be no other way to alter the conditions.

Anthony Banks

Anthony Banks is financial adviser. He specialize in students loans, and loan consolidation program. For more information about Students Consolidation Loan visit

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