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Who Must File a Tax Return

If you are a United State citizen, you must file a federal tax return if your income is above certain levels. Other factors such as age and type of income you receive are also taken into consideration. If you are unsure as to whether you are required to file for income tax return, you can find out more information from the official Internal Revenue Service IRS website, or you can consult professional efile tax service providers. If you wish to avoid getting into any kind of trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, it's always wise to file, whether you need to or not.

There are situations where even if your income level falls below the stipulated level of income, you should still file your tax returns. For example, you may quality for certain income tax refunds. Such refunds will be credited to you only if you file for tax returns. Refundable credits include Earned Income Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, and Health Coverage Tax Credit.

Sometimes, it is difficult or cumbersome to try and determine whether you qualify for the refund credits or not. In this case, you can consider filing for tax returns online. This method of tax filing is commonly known as e-filing or efile.

E-filing is an electronic process that any United States citizen can use to file for tax returns. Of course, the assumption here is that whoever is e-filing should know how to operate a computer. Anyone who knows how to use the computer to surf the Internet will have no problems submitting tax return information using e-filing processes.

You should only e-file with Internal Revenue Service authorized websites. This is to ensure that security measures are implemented. Obviously, security measures are important because e-filing means submitting sensitive information through a public network. Therefore, it is only right to submit personal financial information through an IRS Internal Revenue Service authorized site.

E filing is simple. It can take a little bit of time though. But you can speed up the process by having your w2's and other information on hand. The entire process is guided in a step by step process. When you start submission, read the instructions carefully. There will be fields that are mandatory, and fields that are optional. These will be clearly indicated. As you submit, you may find that there are some pieces of information that you do not have at that moment. Don't worry about it. You can proceed filling in the rest of the information. You will then be allowed to save the submission, and come back at a later date to fill in the missing information.

Also, when you e-file, the system will automatically do the calculations to see whether you qualify for credit refunds. So you don't have to worry about changes or update to any policies.

Unless you are retired with no (or very little) income, chances are you must file a tax return. You may even end up with more money in your pocket!

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